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Forum Announcement: PLEASE READ: Updated forum rules
1. Only post on the forum in English
2. Piracy is forbidden. You should own the best quality retail copy of the title which the project is based on
3. Personal attacks are not allowed
4. Stay on topic. When the discussion diverges too much, start a new thread in an appropriate section
5. Do not discuss sensitive topics such as politics. We want to avoid flame wars here
6. No direct links to projects involving commercially available releases are allowed
7. Selling projects basing on copyrighted material IS NOT allowed on this forum. This applies to Patreons, etc. ONLY voluntary donations are allowed.
8. Trading any content on the site is NOT allowed
9. Fanres does not collect any money from its users. Any donation requests and fundraisers are initiatives of individual users and Fanres WILL NOT take any responsibility for them
10. Only one account per person is allowed
11. New users must post on the forum, before they can use private messaging.
12. NO SPAM! Including spamming requests for project links; this could lead to permanent ban.

Thanks for reading the rules, and have fun on the forum!

Fanres admins

Addendum to the donation rule:

- if you ask for a donation, state clearly what you will use for and what you will give before receiving it
- if you want to donate, state clearly what your donation will be used for and what you will get before doing it

if both parts agree, there is, obviously, an agreement!

In any case, only the parties involved are responsible for the consequences of their actions.


Updated 9/11/2021: Added a "no trading" rule