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Kush Gauge Calculator
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[Image: Kush-Gauge-calculator.jpg]
Want to know the optimal encoding bitrate to achieve good quality?
Want to know if the quality of the source you would use in your project is right?
Wait no more - take a look at the Kush Gauge Calculator!
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Do you have a version with a target size, spoRv? Like 25GB BD with a lossless track for example.
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This is just a tool to discover which is the optimal bitrate to achieve a good quality; if the bitrate of your project is higher, then it has a better quality...

There is an online bitrate calculator - I used it sometimes - but I don't remember the link; but now that I played a bit with the script, I can think I could be able to make a new one to calculate the needed bitrate for our project, given the desired target space.
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Just finished to do an Advanced version: http://blog.sporv.com/advanced-kush-gauge-calculator
Please take some time to test it, and post here opinions and eventual problems or wanted features.

I'm working to show the effective format compliancy; in the next future, I'll add this to a bitrate calculator, as asked by PDB - someone else interested?
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[Image: Advanced-Kush-Gauge-calculator.jpg]

Update: added MPEG-1 and MPEG-4 part 2 (divx/xvid) codecs, as well as new formats like VCD, WEB, LD and VHS captures; introduced two new variables, progressive/interlaced, and grain/no grain, to get an even better fine tuning of the bitrate calculation.

Any feedback is welcome!
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How would you get a reading of motion rank and chroma subsampling?
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Motion rank is just a subjective variable... for an action movie, a 3 or 4 should do, while for a stand up comedy 1 is more than enough.

Chroma subsampling: most every consumer format is 4:2:0 8bit; UHD BD is 4:2:0 10bit; of course there are around other formats and bit depth, but they are professional ones.
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Update: slightly change the HEVC constant, from 0.045 to 0.0482
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I'd like to add AV1 and VVC to the codecs; but I need to find the constant.

Compression.ru seems the most qualified, so I'll take it as reference.

My idea is to take the best three encoders for each codec, and made an average of each parameter (subjective, YUV-SSIM, Y-VMAF).

Still, I'll got three different values; which weight should anyone have? I thought to give subjective 20% as it's... well, subjective? Big Grin or should I give it something more?

For the others, do they have the same weight?

What's about VP9? I'd like to include it, too, but I don't know what constant to use...
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