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AviSynth The GOUT Sync Thread
This is a direct copy of my thread on ot.com.  It should already fulfil the requirements that Feallan posted in his introductory thread, but I'll double-check this when I have everything copied over.


Obviously, the latest version of AviSynth is required.  Scripts that use MPEGSource2() envisage use of DGIndex.  Other script-specific requirements are listed as they arise.

A few people have mentioned that it might be nice to have a thread devoted to synchronizing various projects to the NTSC GOUT.  Currently, most of the the relevant information is available, but it is scattered about a bit.

Background Information

In this context, GOUT refers to the bonus discs that came with the Limited Edition DVD release of the OT.  By convention, audio mixes are synchronized to the NTSC GOUT, not the PAL GOUT; therefore, releases of the original theatrical versions of the OT tend to be synchronized to it as well so people can mux in their favorite audio.


All of hairy_hen's mixes are already synchronized to the NTSC GOUT.  Belbucus' audio tracks need the following delay values.

SW: + 1.017s

ESB: + .948s

ROTJ: + 1.015s
I'll start with scripts that sync the PAL GOUT to the NTSC GOUT and add others as people make them available.

Useful Links

Reel Lengths
Thanks given by: PDB , Feallan
Star Wars




This script envisages use of DGAVCDec, but I recommend you use FFVideoSource() or LWLibavVideoSource().

swp1=sw.trim(0,42592) ++ blank.trim(0,11)#obi-wan reaches down to grab luke’s arm while he’s unconscious
swp2=sw.trim(42593,45140) ++ blank.trim(0,3)#luke and obi-wan sit on rocks by speeder while luke points at r2
swp3=sw.trim(45141,55729) ++ blank.trim(0,4)#cut from tarkin to r2/3po in front of sandcrawler----first frame of r2 is a duplicate(trimmed out) / end of reel?
swp4=sw.trim(55731,56064) ++ blank.trim(0,-1)#obi-wan / “that is what we are meant to believe”—first frame missing
swp5=sw.trim(56065,56904) ++ blank.trim(0,-1)#no luke, wait! / luke runs to speeder to go see owen and beru
swp6=sw.trim(56905,58453) ++ blank.trim(0,3)#tie fighters approach death star/cut to vader approaching leia’s cell
swp7=sw.trim(58454,60732) ++ blank.trim(0,-1)#standing at edge of cliff above mos eisley/cut to scene of mos eisley
swp8=sw.trim(60733,64836) ++ blank.trim(0,-1)#lined up at the bar/luke tugs on bartender’s sleeve
swp9=sw.trim(64837,70477) ++ blank.trim(0,1)#Han and Chewie stand up / Luke and obi-wan walk away from cantina
swp10=sw.trim(70478,78633) ++ blank.trim(0,-1)#Tarkin dismisses officer / Leia led down corridor by guards
swp11=sw.trim(78634,83416) ++ blank.trim(0,3)# Chewie with hands behind head / 3po looks at r2 and suggests a new strategy
swp12=sw.trim(83417,86622) ++ blank.trim(0,57)#That’s good. You’ve taken your first steps into a larger world. / doors open, officer enters in to deliver message to tarkin / End of reel
swp13=sw.trim(86623,113556) ++ blank.trim(0,5)#Dianoga releases Luke / Leia stares / End of reel
swp14=sw.trim(113557,143951) ++ blank.trim(0,4)#man in hangar waves droid into x-wing / overhead shot of x-wing in hangar / End of reel
swp15=sw.trim(143952,0) ++ blank.trim(0,5)
final=swp1 ++ swp2 ++ swp3 ++ swp4 ++ swp5 ++ swp6 ++ swp7 ++ swp8 ++ swp9 ++ swp10
++ swp11 ++ swp12 ++ swp13 ++ swp14 ++ swp15

The Star Wars title card appears on frame 689.
Thanks given by:



Hairy_hen’s 2020 5.1 track is synced to the slowed-down PAL GOUT. The following script will sync it to the NTSC by crossfading the audio at the appropriate point, to account for the two-frame difference.

First, decode the MLP to W64.
eac3to.exe ESB_hh_5.1_v3.mlp ESB_hh_5.1_v3.w64
Make sure that you have AviSynth+ and VirtualDub2 installed. Download BeHappy, look in the plugins32 folder, and copy NicAudio.dll to your working directory. Open a text editor. Copy in the following script, save it as whatever.avs in your working directory, and open it in VirtualDub2.

blank =

\Trim(blank,   0,       150211),
\Trim(blank,   150203,   0),

return sync

File->Save Audio...->whatever.w64

Team Negative1's Renegade Grindhouse Edition v1

# This also works for the BD-compatible release.  Use eac3to demux  
# the video.

Loadplugin("C:\Program Files (x86)\Haali\MatroskaSplitter\avss.dll")
ESB=FFmpegSource2("02ESB_Grindhouse_1080p_BD25.mkv") \

ESB2= \
Trim(ESB,    0,3096).Loop(12,0,0) ++ \
ESB.Loop(6,30727,30727).Trim(3096,    35385) ++ \
ESB.Loop(3,35381,35381).Trim(35381,    59546) ++ \
ESB.Loop(7,59544,59544).Trim(59544,    59758) ++ \
ESB.Loop(5,59753,59753).Trim(59753,    75034) ++ \
Trim(ESB,75030,75978) ++ \
Trim(ESB,75978,90851) ++ \
ESB.Loop(7,90852,90852) \
.Trim(90852,104633) \
.DuplicateFrame(13781) ++ \
Trim(ESB,104627,121679) ++ \
ESB.Loop(24,121679,121679).Trim(121679, 150156) ++ \
ESB.Loop(11,150134,150134).Trim(150134, 0)

return ESB2


# Load VTS_01_1.VOB through VTS_01_5.VOB into DGIndex.
# Set the field operation to "Forced Film".
# When prompted to correct the field-order transition, click "Yes".


PSB2= \
Trim(PSB, 3455, 63023) ++ \
.DuplicateFrame(102542, 102543) \
.Loop(5, 63242, 63242) \
.Trim(63127,    125280) \
.FadeOut0(25) ++ \
.DeleteFrame(153858, 153859) \
.Trim(125377, 183321)

return PSB2
The Star Wars title card appears on frame 688.
Thanks given by:



The Star Wars title card appears on frame 689.  After IVTC, the frame-count is 189477. AviSynth and VirtualDub call the first frame 0.
Thanks given by:
Can I get a frame count for all 3 gout films? I've switched pc's and had to redo the d2v files and I'm not coming up with the same frame count as I had on the older pc. My old frame count for esb was 179668 and now I'm getting 179444.
Thanks given by:
I don't have frame counts to hand.  To check, I'd have to find the discs and rip them.  (I'm willing to do this; it just might be a while before I get round to it.)

Did you use forced film in DGIndex for both indices?  Are you indexing the same files or did you re-rip the discs?  Did you demux with PGCDemux?
Thanks given by:
I reripped the discs. No I didn't use pgcdemux. I ripped to an iso with dvddecrypter and then demuxed the pgc using dvddecrypter. I'll try again with pgcdemux.
Thanks given by:
^ That's the explanation.  Using DVD Decrypter has caused problems like this before.  Always rip with DVDFab or AnyDVD, demux with PGCDemux, and make an index with DGIndex with forced film selected.  That way, GOUT sync is virtually assured.
Thanks given by:
Will do. So the question remains, have I been gout-syncing to the wrong frame count all of this time? I gotta go to bed will investigate more tomorrow.
Thanks given by:
When you say demux do you mean demux by pgc to m2v, using pgcdemux?

or by vobid?
Thanks given by:

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