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Comvert .TS to DVD safely and effectively .....
I have 4 laserdiscs captures that I'm going to be sharing on the spleen. They are in a .TS container. What is the safest and most effective way to put them in a DVD format?

Thank you.
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Which is the video codec used? Resolution?
If the codec is not MPEG-2 and/or resolution is not 720/704x480/576, it's not DVD compliant and need a reencoding... in this case, better to leave it "as is", or at least remux in an MKV container - just to be compatible with some hardware that will not play transport stream files.
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mpeg-2, 720x480. It is the Japan release of the Star Wars Special Edition Trilogy and the Japan release of Phantom Menace.

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If MuxMan muxes the files, they should play fine. If it chokes on them, a re-encode is required.
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Gotchya, I will try it Chewtobacca, thanks for the suggestion.
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