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Interesting links (check these before everything!)
Video guides & forum: Screenshot comparisons (can be posted by anyone):
  • screenshotcomparison.com – the name says it all… hint: as it routinely delete its database, it's not advisable to use it for long term comparisons
  • Diff.Pics – allows comparison of more than two images
  • FrameCompare - another screenshot comparison website, made by one of our users!
  • imgsli - Free before/after slider albums
Screenshot comparisons websites: List updated: 2020-12-13

If you have some interesting links that you think will be useful for the whole community, don't hesitate to post them in a reply to this thread; an admin or moderator will add them to the list!
Thanks given by: Feallan , jerryshadoe
FanRes.com - For your inner hardcore film preservation enthusiast. Treat yo self!

In all seriousness, this:
logos.wikia.org - A wiki for logos. They have a masses upon masses of logos in respective chronological order and history (for example THX, Warner, Fox etc).
toolstud.io/video/framerate.php - Framerate change calculator (ie 25 to 23.976) that also calculates the corresponding audio pitch.
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taas007, thanks for the inputs! I added a link to point to toolstud.io (and not directly to the framerate converter) because there are other interesting tools that could be useful.
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This list is a great ideaOk

I'd like to add that I have found a TON of help on editing software and conversions on the videohelp forum...

Not trying to differ anyone to another forum, BUT, there is a lot of info already there and, honestly, I've found answers to a lot of questions there where I never had to bother anyone here. I think it's best to try to do your own "homework" first - google is also your friend Wink - and then, if answers can't be found, start asking people here. A lot of us are extremely busy with life and numerous projects and it would be courteous of others to show some effort in their quests, instead of relying solely on people here for answers. NOT saying we aren't willing to help, but come onWink

Anyway, a lot of software questions can possibly have answers here and most conversion questions, using almost every method/software imaginable, (including detailed tutorials) can be found here.
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Updated, and added few other links as well; also, added a (check these before everything!) in the title, hope it helps newbies...
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Wish I had a list like this when I got started with this hobby... Hope this helps the newbiesWink
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Added "Bad audio on Blu-Ray" link, thanks to Mashrom!
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for sure i will add those links if i khnow it will be good for our comunity
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Added links to DVDexotica, it seems really very interesting, and to FrameCompare (always forgot to add it! Big Grin )
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here another interesting site, with a huge gallery of different versions covers of movies:

Is in spanish, but doesn't matter for the target.
Thanks given by: spoRv

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