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I had not the occasion to watch it until today - maybe because I thought it was just a stupid movie...

Well, IT IS a stupid movie, but one of the few smart ones, don't know if you understand what I mean; OK, too much gratuitous bad words and jokes, but actually it is a nice superhero movie, with the usual chiches, like the bad guy, the beutiful chick, the good friend, a lot of action, killings, and some really nice touches - don't want to spoil on them, for the ones who hasn't watched it, yet.

I liked it A LOT more than Suicide Squad; so, if you like superheroes movies AND comedies, and you are not afraid to hear some (well, a lot of) bad words, go for it; you will get almost two hours full of action and laughter - and some are unexpected, told by one who watched maybe 10,000 movies in his life, so this thing is not happening so often, of course...
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I liked it, but way less than many of my friends.
It was perfect for Ryan Reynolds, but I thought Kick Ass did everything that was good about it better.
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I enjoyed it too. I was surprised at how far out there it really went (as were most of the cinema audience, it got quite a reaction).  Hopefully it's not a one-off and we can expect more in the future outside the major studios' PG-13/12A 'comfort zone'.
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Did you see a full localized Version?
The starting credits in Germany were complete localized in theatre, but on BD just in english.

I really want to see the next Deadpool in theatres.. the teaser was very promising. Big Grin
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom
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Nope, English titles with Italian audio.
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