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AviSynth VC1 loading problem and solution
Lately, I had to fight with an m2ts file with video encoded in VC1; loading it with FFvideosource was not possible, and other methods gave me bad and/or missing frames...

At the end, what I did was to demux just the video track, and remux it using MKVToolnix GUI; after that, FFvideosource accepted the source.

Hope this could help someone who has the same problem.
Thanks given by: BlackMirror
I've faced the same problem few weeks ago with VC1 .m2ts but after bit of googling i found FRIMSource plugin which support VC1 codec input, thanks to videofan3d for this nice plugin.

FRIMSource is an AviSynth plugin for sequential reading of elementary or transport streams (MPEG2, H.264 AVC/MVC-3D, VC1).

Download FRIMSource below

Hopefully this will also be a helpful.
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Awesome, thanks for this, guys. Been having some pain with it as well. I think I was able to import it, but it wasn't very precise in seeking (creating different results depending on what frames you seek in which order.

Now if there was a plugin that allows to import VC-1 into Premiere, I can die a happy man. (just kidding, not dying)
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I should note that maybe the best way is to make a simple avs script with just the loading command, and save it lossless; then, it *should* work flawlessly...
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Well that completely defeats the point of loading it into AVISynth in the first place. Then I can just transcode straight with ffmpeg
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