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Guardians (2017)
Used to watch the modern superheroes Hollywood movies, I stumbled across this Russian movie; the trailer seemed interesting, so I decided to watch it.

WOW! Considering that it's a Russian production, with a presumedly budget of only 5M$, result is astounding!

Far from perfection, of course, but really enjoyable; some fresh air in the superheroes films, not original, and have various similarity with US movies; casting is spot-on - the military woman is gorgeous - and acting is pretty decent; CGI too is not bad, always considering the budget - OK, bear it's actually quite weak, but almost on par with, for example, Underworld, to gives you an idea; action, fun, the ingredients are all there, even the small scenes after the end credits are started.

Is it good? Well, in comparison to the overly politically involved (and quite boring in several parts) Captain America: Civil War, I'd say yes! Not a masterpiece, it's clear, but an honest, well done superheroes flick. I'm certain that many "US-centric" movie lovers will disrespect it, because it's not on par with American mega productions... but, let's face it, at a tiny fraction of their cost - less than 5%, I guess - the budget/quality ratio here is incredibly high, a level of magnitude higher than any US blockbusters...
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