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dark theme available
Even if my brand old HDTV is not HDR, it's still capable of 400nits, and, because even with low backlight settings I've starting to be blind, I asked Feallan to upload a dark time, "a la" OT, somehow.

He was fast and since few days I'm using this theme; very nice to use with a big, bright screen and/or during the night.

If you want to try it, please don't forget to post here your opinions; maybe it can contain something that can improve it, but, as it is, I like it very much!
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Sweet, I've got it active now.
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Much much better, thanks!
Also known as Roobyoo
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I would like to try it please.
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It should be available under the control panel.
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Anyone else using this dark there?

It's my "de facto" standard now, and, apart few tiny things I'd like to change - logo with red corners, that's my fault, and incoming messages advice not so prominent, I'd like it with different colors - my eyes thank Feallan to have set it up! Ok
Thanks given by: Feallan
Im using this theme. i like it Smile
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