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Greatest American Hero TV Series
First off, Hi everyone. 

Not sure if there's any interest in something like this, but thought I'd bring it up.

The first and second season, and from what I gather, very few episodes of the third are missing the original music in the US DVD releases.

Years ago, I snagged copies of the Japanese release from a fan in another forum after finding my US copies to be off. Pacing changes completely. 

Anyway, does anyone have recommendations for preserving these? Really don't trust DVD after a certain amount of time. I've ripped compressed mkv via dvdFab (I know but wanted to find the best way before taking up so much space) just to make sure I have copies saved in case of disc failure.

I also doubt this will ever be released in the USA....so don't want to lose this. 

Also, sorry if in the wrong section.
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Now I really just want to delete this. I'll stick with what I've done...
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You could just make 1:1 copies as backups? But I agree with you it would of been nice to have quality mp4 or mkv rips. I grew up watching this show.
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