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HEVC / H.265 GPU-assisted encoders?
Hi, I was wondering if others think current HEVC GPU-assisted encoders are as good or better than H.264 encoders?

I have a feeling the HEVC GPU-assisted encoders are good now. I also think some people say they don't like H.265 because they don't have a good-enough rig to play H.265.
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Still undecided... according to many, the quality it's not on par with x264, and x265 "seems" still too young... but I think we are near to a change, given the fact that the once-new UHD-BD encoded in HEVC have very good quality.

I wonder when we would get a very simple, yet compliant, UHD-BD remuxer - a new TSmuxer version, perhaps?
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GPU-assisted? Never heard of it. Only thing I know is the actual GPU encoders like NVENC. I used the h264 NVENC quite a lot with ShadowPlay and while it is very fast, the efficiency leaves a lot to be desired.

Never tried the h265.

From what I've seen done with x264 and x265, h265 isn't *really* 50% better than h264, except maybe for some stuff like anime and some metrics that don't accurately reflect how well it actually looks on screen. And from how slow x265 is encoding-wise, I'd be rather surprised if a realtime GPU encoder could come even close to where x265 gets. I think the main appeal of those is streaming and recording of games at high bitrates, to be later reencoded to lower bitrates.
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Some info that could find interesting here (also links to follow): https://fanrestore.com/thread-23.html
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