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[Idea] 5.1 upmixing from available audio materials
I'm actually thinking of doing 5.1 upmixes from available audio sources for certain of my projects, which in my opinion would be better than simply upmixing from a 2-channel source if possible. Among the first projects on which I'll be doing this is Sailor Moon R: The Promise of the Rose. It helps that the Sailor Moon Memorial Music Box collection was released in a nature that allows for easy reconstruction of the music track–and not just that, they also included original sound effects from the franchise in that collection! I just wish other franchises, live-action or animated, would treat their audio elements in a similar manner...

In any case, if these 5.1 upmixes sound good enough, I might take it to the next level and do 7.1 upmixes using the exact same method.
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One step at a time ... don't want to rush something good, right?

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Obviously not. In any case, I'm presently focused on reconstructing a clean music track for the featurette which preceded it theatrically, Make Up! Sailor Soldiers, using the music cues from the book that comes with the Memorial Music Box as my guide. Unfortunately, for some of the tracks with lyrics, such as "STARLIGHT ni KISS shite", I couldn't find any karaoke track.

Anyway, input from anyone with a 5.1 speaker setup would be welcome, so I can get feedback on how to improve the experience.
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