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Looking for vintage cinema policy trailers in HD
We wouldn't be doing the cinema experience justice if we focused only on THX, now, would we? There's also Regal, Carmike, AMC, Cinemark, GCC, and other policy trailers, and also ye olde Astro Daters. What I'd like to see as a filmophile is theatrical policy trailers and other assorted bumpers at a 1080p24 or higher resolution.

The world of classic theatre bumpers and which go where in a traditional theatrical presentation is one realm I would like to see explored at some point, in some way.
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Well, as it happens, I know a guy who does a few on his channel.

Jonathan Froes

A little dirty, but nothing a little cleaning can't fix.
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There's still quite a few I'd like to see he hasn't upped as of yet, such as the original Regal Rollercoaster (in the original 24 fps, mind) and the Carmike Across America policy trailers (preferably without any watermarking).
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I suppose you could ask to see if he has them.
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And look - one of them's been cleaned up already!

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Looks like they made that one for a Scope protected area. In any case, AMC isn't the only theatre chain out there; I see he also has a Cinemark policy trailer in addition to his several AMCs.
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Yeah! We could have a field day with this stuff! But I reckon we can take it further... perhaps someone at Film-Tech can help us, they've got some there.
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Oh, when I asked him about it, he said he may have some Regals and/or Carmikes. He just hasn't had the time yet to scan them.
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