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[Help] Need help from someone with source matching expertise
Hi everyone,

I form part of two-man restoration project that requires, among other things, matching multiple sources of differing visual quality. This project began in May 2016, has never been attempted before and carries with it a certain degree of historical significance. I would strongly urge you to read this post for more information:


Until some months ago our team included a third member - an Avisynth plugin developer who was helping me with writing a script to match sources as best he could - but it has since become apparent that we cannot rely on him. As such, the project has been at a standstill for nearly 6 months. Therefore I am reaching out to all of you for help. I realise that animation is significantly different to live action and that many of the skills that are applicable to live action do not transfer over directly to animation. Nevertheless, if you feel that you can help, we would like to hear from you. I make no attempt to hide the fact that we are desperate, so please get in contact with me either through this thread, private message or the email provided at the link.

Thank you.

[Image: pD4baVQ.png]
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I have so many projects left open for various reasons, so I'm not the right one, but hope someone will chime in to help you in this project, that seems interesting...
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Thanks spoRv. I don't envision this being a very difficult task for someone with the right knowledge/skills. It's simply difficult for someone without those skills, like me. I encourage anyone with moderate to advanced experience in using dehaloing, masking, sharpening and color bleed reduction filters to download the sample file at the link. Everything is provided along with a text document containing instructions.
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PM Sent. Would like to help if I'm able.
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