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[Proposal] Sailor Moon movies - open matte, NO GHOSTING
Thus far, every open matte release of the Sailor Moon movies I know of, even on DVD, has a rather distinct problem: ghosting. Same problem seen on many high-definition versions of Ghost in the Shell. What I want to see is a top-quality open matte version of each of the three movies, at the original 4:3 aspect ratio and without that damn ghosting, and if that means taking each frame from the HD releases and manually readding the image info at the top and bottom of the screen, so be it. Even if Andrea isn't the biggest fan of Sailor Moon (to put it lightly), I believe even he'd agree that it's a travesty to the Moonies in the videophile community that there's not yet a good open matte version of any of the movies out there, a travesty I, especially, believe can and should be fixed no matter how difficult and time-consuming it may appear.
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Apart what one thinks about any particular title/series/show, any of them which has not a proper official release should get a proper restoration/preservation.

So, go for it!
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