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[Idea] HDR10 via Blender and Resolve
I was thinking of using a combination of Blender and Resolve to make HDR grades for future projects. Here's my first test, in three links:


You have one week to check it out. This test is the series premiere promo for Sailor Moon, regrained first to 16mm and then 35mm in Blender and rendered in Resolve.

ETA: I'm pretty sure I didn't do a good job, but then, hardly anybody gets it right on the first go. In any case, how do you think I did? (BTW it's impossible to do HDR in Blender alone, and I'm not entirely sure Resolve alone will produce optimal results, which is why I combined both programs for this ongoing experiment.)
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Looks interesting, DLing it right now. When you work in HDR, do you render in the regular HD color space? Ie I am watching the final colors or do I need to used an HDR TV?

EDIT corrupted files. Does not extract as RAR or with Unarchiver.
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Hm. That's odd. It extracts fine on my end with WinRAR. As for the color issue, I'm not entirely sure, this is my first time working with HDR in any capacity, either to create HDR or with pre-existing HDR.
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