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[Idea] The Downfall (English dub of Der Untergang)
I was thinking, I'd like to do an English fandub of Der Untergang, titled The Downfall, and invite everyone and their family to audition for roles in this drama about the last ten days of Hitler and the fall of the Third Reich. The roles are as follows, using English-language ranks via translation convention:

Chancellor Adolf Hitler, the Führer himself
Traudl Junge, Hitler's secretary
Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels
Magda Goebbels, Goebbels's wife
Eva Braun, Hitler's wife-to-be
Maj. Gen. Hermann Fegelein, who deserts and is executed without a trial
Minister of Munitions Albert Speer, Hitler's architect-in-chief and the Nazi who said sorry
Lt. Col. Dr. Ernst-Günther Schenck
Brig. Gen. Wilhelm Mohnke
Maj. Otto Günsche, who informs Hitler of Fegelein's desertion
Field Marshal Heinrich Himmler, whose surrender shocks Hitler in the middle of a dinner
Gen. Alfred Jodl, who objects to Hitler's plan involving Steiner and Wenck
Lt. Gen. Hans Krebs, who points out a flaw in Hitler's plan involving Steiner before he explains how Wenck factors in
Lt. Gen. Helmuth Weidling
Lt. Col. Prof. Dr. Werner Haase
Gerda Christian
GAF Robert Ritter von Greim
Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel
Lt. Gen. Wilhelm Burgdorf, the drinker
Walther Hewel
Prime Minister Martin Bormann
Lt. Col. Heinz Linge
Air Marshal Karl Koller
SFC Rochus Misch
Lt. Col. Dr. Ludwig Stumpfegger
Lt. Col. Erich Kempka, the guy in the garage from whom Günsche needs gas for Hitler's funeral pyre
Lt. Col. Peter Högl, who arrests and guns down Fegelein
Lt. Col. Franz Schädle
Hans Fritzsche
Lt. Gen. Ernst-Robert Grawitz, who kills himself and his family to keep the Soviets from taking them after being denied permission to leave Berlin
Hanna Reitsch
Constanze Manziarly
SSG Fritz Tornow
Erna Flegel
GAF Hermann Göring (barely gets in a single word, if that, apart from crosstalk during the extended version of the Hitler Planning Scene)
Gen. Vasily Chuikov
...and others which I am not going to bother listing here.

If anyone is interested in auditioning, feel free to PM me, and I'll send you a line or two to record.
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