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Indiana Jones (And other films) on TV over Christmas
The Indy films are being shown on BBC in order, yesterday Raiders, today was Temple. As always BBC are using the same masters as before, rather than pay for new ones. Raiders looks to be the pre-WOWOW scan and has the evil CGI cliff. Temple seems to be the same scan as the Blu but with no dirt cleanup and more grain (less DNR), most likely Crusade will be the same tomorrow.
Unfortunately they are being shown in a nice daytime slot so most (but not all) of the violence is cut. You can see some of a man's face melt off, just not all of it! Just enough to give the boys and girls nightmares.

Just out of curiosity have these masters ever shown up elsewhere? And would they be of any use to anyone in a project? I'm recording the three of them on my Tivo box.

Also the Back to the Future trilogy is showing on channel 4 but I'm not too optimistic about those as channel 4 compresses too much usually. They're also on NetFlix, but again they've been compressed too much.
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I used to have RotLA and TLC, but I have no idea if I kept them.  I'm not sure what use they'd be, apart from maybe nostalgia for someone who remembers watching them.
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I figured as much, especially considering they're edited as well. I do remember the brouhaha when people realised that the shot of the jeep going over the cliff had been replaced.
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