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[Idea] The Compleet Inspector Gadget
That's right, yet another early project, this time for another television series, as I work on an '80s syndie classic from DiC and LBS: Inspector Gadget.

Specs for all 86 episodes (including the redone pilot, Gadget in Winterland) are as follows:

Resolution: 1080p (BD)*, 480p (NTSC DVD)*, 576p (PAL DVD)*
Aspect ratio: 1.37:1*

English (mono, Gary Owens track with American theme, pilot exclusive)*
English (mono, Gary Owens track with French theme, pilot exclusive)*
English (mono, Don Adams track with American theme)*
English (mono, Don Adams track with French theme)*
French (mono)
German (mono)
Italian (mono, Italian theme)
Italian (mono, American theme)*
Italian (mono, French theme)*
Castilian Spanish (mono)
Mexican Spanish (mono, American theme)*
Mexican Spanish (mono, French theme)*

English SDH*

An * indicates that the spec also appears on the original version of the pilot. The DVDs will only use the theme largely used in their respective versions due to space issues.
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I plan to start work on Vol. 1 at some point this week, starting with the regraining process for the pilot and episodes 1-7. Screenshots will be coming around the time I finish announcing my planned Spring slate, which should be around the time Punxsutawney Phil comes out of his hole to see if he can see his shadow. The initial release date for the Vol. 1 DVD shall be February 9, via WeTransfer; the Blu-ray counterpart shall be released either day-and-date, if that comes first, or when I figure out how to make Blu-rays. In any case, the software I'll be using to make the DVD version will be DVDStyler, which I believe might well be the best DVD software for Windows 10.
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As a test, here's the pilot opening regrained with 16mm film grain and upscaled to 1080p. What do you think? (Personally, I think it could use some deblocking.)
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(2018-01-25, 02:33 AM)Koopa Luath Wrote: As a test, here's the pilot opening regrained with 16mm film grain and upscaled to 1080p. What do you think? (Personally, I think it could use some deblocking.)

how did you manage hd and can you one remaster these three show tmnt 1987 transformers and the real ghostbusters because their transfers are horrible
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It's not even close to how I'll do it for the final product. I already took it upon myself to use the best transfers I could find, but for the final product I'll use the NNEDI filter to upscale twice and then downscale to the desired size before applying the grain.

As for those three, I can only see remasters of them happening if I manage to find top-quality sources to use, as I was able to with Inspector Gadget. With that one, it helped that the French DVD masters, which I'll be using for the bulk of the remastering process (the exceptions being the opening and closing sequences, which will use the Mexican DVD masters), were not only 25fps, which can in most cases be easily slowed back down to 24fps, but also didn't have the episode titles at the start, which will be a lot of help when making clean masters. Additionally, the original DiC and/or LBS logos will be restored using various sources (the aforementioned Mexican DVD masters will be the source of the LBS logo which will be seen on the pilot and all Season 1 episodes, and I don't yet know which source I'll use for the custom DiC logo seen on Season 1, but it'll be of good quality).
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Now that I think about it, I should have my head examined, going all in too quickly, including the setting of release dates, when I haven't even solidified my own skills yet. Needless to say, official release of Volume 1 has been rescheduled, to an undetermined date this Spring. Don't worry, I still intend to do a test release of the pilot episode on February 9, as a proof-of-concept program, as February 9 still marks the opening of this year's Winter Olympics as far as I can tell.
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