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Replacing frames
How do I actually replace a frame in an already-encoded stream?
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I've heard of two softwares that claim to be able to do this

One is a freeware whose name I forgot - the other one are the newer TMPGEnc versions - I think they even sell it as standalone product called "Smart Renderer" or something like that
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I don't want to have to pay any more money than I have just to do this.
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TmpGenc Smart Renderer has a fully functional 30 day trial, so if you just need it for a one time thing that's perfect. At $70 it's not horribly expensive either. Given how long it takes to encode a full movie (especially in UHD), I thought it was a wise investment. Personally, I hate it when I encode over night, check my file in the morning and find just one small problem - like an extra frame or a bad edit or something that takes only moments to correct in the source but then another 12-24 hours to re-encode to MKV. With this tool, it only takes minutes to fix in both.

By the way, it looks like it comes built into part of this product also:


Which is only $40, and also as part of the "Mastering Works". Installing a demo of each of these at 30 day intervals would give you 90 days of free use...
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