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[Idea] THX-1138: The 1978 Re-Release Cut
Yep, I'm doing another project, this time a standalone project titled THX-1138, based on the 1978 re-release cut of the film.

This is the trailer I'll be using to promote the project on other projects of mine. The actual trailer, as will appear on my projects, will look better than the trailer you see in the link.

This time, I'll be confining myself to a single aspect ratio--the original aspect ratio of 2.33:1, in fact. The primary source shall be the Grindhouse Edition sourced from an Italian print; where Italian text appears (e.g. the closing credits), I'll sub in the equivalent shot from the Blu-ray whenever possible.

In any case, here's a preliminary spec list for my restoration:

Resolution: 1080p (BD), 480p (NTSC DVD), 576p (PAL DVD)
Aspect ratio: 2.33:1

English (mono)
Brazilian Portuguese (mono)
French (mono)
Italian (mono)
German (mono)
Mexican Spanish (mono)
Castilian Spanish (mono)

English SDH

The above spec list is not final, which is most true for the subtitles; I might have to drop some of the subtitle options, ultimately, and I have no illusions that I'll be able to get everything I want for this project. But I'll do my darnedest with what I do have.
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Just wondering: Did you ever release one of your projects? It looks more like you working on a lot of cakes, yet none was ever put on the table Wink
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Not yet. But I will. And I plan on starting with either Fistful of Dollars, Reservoir Dogs, or Inspector Gadget Vol. 1.
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After a delay caused by technical issues, the preliminary Blu-ray cover is finally up.

[Image: THX-1138_GSC_Blu-ray.png]

How's it look?
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(2018-01-20, 01:45 PM)bendermac Wrote: Just wondering: Did you ever release one of your projects? It looks more like you working on a lot of cakes, yet none was ever put on the table Wink

I noticed that, too. That's the 712th project announcement, right? Not very focused on one thing, are you, Koopa?
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712th? That's a bit of an exaggeration. In any case, I still plan to do my first releases sometime in the Spring, or else to coincide with this year's Winter Olympics.
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Nice cover! I like the dark approach. And great project -- best of luck with it! Smile
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I just encountered a slight problem while searching for audio tracks. There's a repack with the original French audio track, but for some reason all of the links are dead.

Here's the link, for those curious.

Help with finding the other original audio tracks (Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese) would be much appreciated, too.
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