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[Idea] The Compleat Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends
I'm announcing another children's television series restoration, this time forĀ Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. Initial projected release date for Series 1 Part 1 is this Summer.

Specs for each episode is as follows:

Resolution: 1080p (BD), 480p (NTSC DVD), 576p (PAL DVD)
Aspect ratio: 1.37:1

English (mono, UK narration, by Ringo Starr)
English (mono, US narration, by George Carlin)
Music-only track (mono)

English (UK)
English (US)
French (European, based on UK)
French (Canadian, based on US)
German (German Standard, based on UK)
German (Texasdeutsch, based on US)
Italian (Standard, based on UK)
Italian (based on US)
Spanish (Castellano, based on UK)
Spanish (Latino, based on US)

Only the PAL DVD version will present the programmes at the original 25 frames per second; the Blu-ray and NTSC DVD versions will present them at 24 frames per second.
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