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[Help] Good method for reverse telecine pulldown or whatever?
I have an HDTV stream (29,97 fps, interlaced).

To sync it to the 23.976 stream, I do this:


I got this off the AviSynth wiki. It works, but it doesn't look very good. I get jagged edges, as if it had simply duplicated one field.

There must be a better solution for this, but I don't know it. What do you guys use in these cases?

Pardon about the title, I have no idea how this is properly called.
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I call it IVTC (inverse telecine): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telecine#R..._pulldown)

I use TFM and TDecimate; it works perfectly "as is" in almost all cases: http://avisynth.nl/index.php/TIVTC

have fun! Big Grin
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Tfm().tdecimate() should be all you need.
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Hmm, thanks guys. Tfm+TDecimate look indistinguishable from my current method. Maybe the source is just flawed then. Smile
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Try to play with the settings, but be aware that sometimes sources are faulty - even few blu-ray, sadly...
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