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IMDB, TMDB, or others?
I use IMDB daily, for everything - synopsys, list of actors, technical data etc. - but it would be nice to have an alternative; TMDB is nices and cleaner, but with a lot less info...

Any other suggestion?
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A very nice personalized movie website is "Letterboxd" which has a great community of reviewers and you get to build your library of watched movies with your ratings and reviews. After any movie I see, I head over to letterboxd and write down how I felt so I can keep track of every one I've seen. You can become friends with others as well.
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If you can read german, and are interested in different releases of a movie, you might check www.ofdb.de
It is a german user filled database with informations on releases. Maybe not every one for a movie, but at least quite much with informations what audio streams, extras, if censored or not.
But it is just in German.
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God, IMDb. You're hard to love, but you're harder to hate.

Grumble grumble... If only it weren't so useful, I'd ditch it in a heartbeat.
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Any movie DBs have good APIs? Thinking of creating an app relating to movie info.
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