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[Help] MPC-BE settings
Usually I use MPV as main player - it seems to have the best quality overall - but for testing purpose I use MPC-BE, for several reasons:
  • you can go to a given frame number
  • display more info on the video
  • have mediainfo included
  • let me grab screenshots without annoying play bars on bottom (as MPV often does)
  • important: can play avs files!
I use haali video renderer, because it's possible to get print screen, is fast when switch to fullscreen back and forth, but it has two huge problems: it seems to play interlaced also progressive files, and add a magenta blanket to it - probably display 601 instead 709, but it's just my guess.

Now, not great problems if you have to watch test clips, but still HUGE when you got to grab screenshots - with jaggies and wrong colors - and to judge a color grading - "hey, look at those magent faces!" (when in reality it's the player fault...)

So, I'm asking for a way to fix these problems, or another renderer to use, which should be fast swithing to fullscreen, let me go to a given frame number, and, most important, let me take a screenshot using the print screen key.
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I use MPC-BE as my main player with Madvr renderer and Lav filter's. I prefer it to all others and like the way you have a play bar in Exclusive mode. Screenshots are fine for me and use F5 key to get them when in fullscreen mode and automatically saves them to my given path. I believe alot of review sites use it as well for their screenshots.
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I'm in the same camp as X5gb and Ive never looked back Smile
ReClock is worth a look also if you decide to go the MadVR route.
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I just tried MadVR yesterday and while the quality was great, it had a longer loading time and required me to do this "confirm you want to run madvr.dll" (or similar) every time I started MPC-HC. Sucked. Is that normal? I zap through videos very often and fastly, an extra click and 3 seconds waiting time is not acceptable to me. Sadly the new VLC version also has a similar issue, regarding loading time.
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I have none of these problems TomArrow!
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I do have a slight delay in the file starting but that is because I ticked the box in settings to delay playback until render queue is full, but don't have to tick anything to let the dll run. Madvr is well known for been the best renderer, and that short delay is worth it.
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(2018-02-23, 10:36 AM)CSchmidlapp Wrote: I'm in the same camp as X5gb and Ive never looked back Smile
ReClock is worth a look also if you decide to go the MadVR route.

Yea, use reclock as well, although don't really need it, the custom refresh settings I have in Nvidia Control Panel means I get as damn close to perfect 23.976hz as is possible on a htpc.
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