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Disney fan

I'm a big Disney fan, and I have a particular interest in the Disneyland TV-series Christmas episode "From All of Us to All of You", which I'm currently doing a fan-restoration of. The episode itself has never been released on home video (although "Jiminy Cricket's Christmas" reuses many elements from this episode), but it consists of shorts and clips from films that are available on DVD and blu-ray, bridged together with original animation made for the episode.

This episode is very popular in Scandinavia, where it's broadcast every Christmas. Unfortunately, these broadcasts has been edited multiple times over the years, and a lot of the original bridging segments has been removed.

In the US, the episode was broadcast in three (afaik) basic versions:

Version 1:
1958 - original episode
1960 - rerun, with new opening titles

version 2:
1963 - reedited to make room for a "surprise gift" (Sword in the Stone)
1967 - new surprise gift: The Jungle Book
1970 - new surprise gift: The Aristocats

version 3:
1973 - reedited. Surprise gift: Robin Hood
1977 - new surprise gift: Pete's Dragon
1979 - new surprise gift: Corn Chips
1980 - new surprise gift: The Aristocats

My goal is to restore all the different versions of the episode. I have finished a version of the 1960 episode, but there's still plenty of room for improvement, and I expect to be asking for a lot of help with that Smile
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Good luck with your project!
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