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Identifying end credits fonts

I'm trying to identify the fonts used in this Disneyland (actually "Walt Disney Presents") Christmas episode from 1960, so that I can recreate the end credits. Does anybody have suggestions for fonts that can be used?

[Image: mpv-shot0017.jpg]  [Image: mpv-shot0018.jpg]

The font used for the names is fairly similar to Impact, but I'm sure it's possible to find a font that's a better fit.

[Image: mpv-shot0019.jpg]  [Image: mpv-shot0020.jpg]

I have several other episodes ripped from DVD, BD and HD recordings, where the credits use the final font. Here's one example.
[Image: mpv-shot0022.jpg]

Obviously Disney didn't use digital fonts in 1960, so it's very possible that the exact fonts has never been available digitally (I wouldn't even be surprised if they were originally made in-house at Disney). So I'm mostly looking for fonts that are a close match.
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Was just wondering if there is a reddit for finding fonts. There is! https://www.reddit.com/r/identifythisfont/

If you can't find it and it's worth a lot to you, you could probably go ahead and redesign it digitally yourself.
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Cool. I'll give Reddit a try. Thanks.

Designing the font myself is an option. But if I go down that route, I hope to at least find a font that's pretty close, to use as a starting point.
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Maybe. I personally think that trying to have one as starting point may complicate things further. You're working with vectors after all and it's often easier to just restart from scratch than trying to manipulate existing vectors into another shape, even when it's similar.
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Have you tried a font identification tool like What The Font? Here's a link just in case: https://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/
I use it quite a bit, even though it might only help about 30 or 40 percent of the time. Correctly identifying a given typeface can be such a black hole for productivity, though, I feel like any help is welcome.

Anyway, best of luck! Smile
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Funnily enough, one of the fonts used (or something fairly close to it) might actually be called Disneyland .

I echo what applesandrice has said: nailing down the exact font is possible but, unless you get lucky, is likely to take a great deal of time and effort that might otherwise be put to better use.  I'd try to recreate the overall look using similar fonts.  Bradley Gratis is also worth consideration.

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