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[In progress] Empire Strikes Back Grindhouse GOUT-sync
I know the Dreamastered version is already GOUT-synced but I'm not really a fan of the colors, while I like the original Grindhouse look more. 

Sadly it's not GOUT synced, so I decided to do it myself - but with a twist. In order to not lose any quality, I decided to buy TMPGEnc Smart Renderer 5 to do the syncing almost losslessly. 

I used Chewtobacca's AVISynth script from the GOUT Sync thread as a basis and recreated the script's timings inside TMPGEnc Smart Renderer 5. Sadly the software has (currently) no import function and while it allows you to export bitmap screenshots and reimport them as video clips, you cannot set the framerate of an imported image, making a precise timing of frame repeats with this method impossible. Ended up converting them to Lagarith videos with the correct fps, but the software wouldn't import that. It would import, in fact, not even uncompressed lossless AVI. Pretty baffling tbh.

Either way, I managed to do it in the end by converting those clips to x264 and importing that ... this introduced a slight color shift for the looped frames, probably because of some color space conversions along the way. I personally can live with it, as it's only a handful of frames.

Good news: Eventually I got a final "encode" out of it that was perfectly GOUT-synced and I was able to successfully mux it with the Despecialized audio tracks!

The entire final processing (not counting my first tests and the work to arrange the clips) took around 20 minutes, with most of the data indeed being copied losslessly and the split-points/repeated frames encoded on-the-fly and spliced into the stream.

All in all, very happy with this software and I'm sure it can be a great asset for VAR projects (splicing in Open Matte shots into a Blu Ray or vice versa). I already tried this with two different Blu Rays of another movie, one Open Matte and one 2,35:1. Since resolution on BDs is fixed, the tool was able to join them together without issues - something I never managed to do before with any other software. Every other attempt I made always resulted in horrible artifacts and unplayable video after the cut.

Only wish the handling/GUI was better. It can be really cumbersome working with it when you need to make lots of cuts. There is no "timeline" showing all clips together, but rather each clip is a big item in a list that you can scroll through. Imagine duplicating a single frame 6 times - you end up with 6 clips, each of which you have to scroll past (it's still just as big in the overview). Unfortunate. An import function would be great.

Either way, planning on sharing this to Blutopia soon as I have enough space on my box. Result is around a 30 GB mkv, out of which roughly 21 GB are for the video. All Despecialized audio tracks included, lossless ones transcoded losslessly to FLAC to save further space. Subtitles all muxed in.
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I'd like there to be an English LPCM 2.0 track.
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There are two. The 35mm optical sound and the so-called 1980 mix in 2.0 from the Despecialized. It's FLAC, not LPCM, but that's essentially the same thing, as both are lossless. FLAC is smaller tho
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