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Hello film fans!
Always great to find places that celebrate the fixing/restoration/re-editing of movies.

I never knew so many films had the colors changed from the original. Looks like great work going on to restore some of those flicks!

I do have many edits that I have done myself and I am always working on something. I have around 100 films that have been edited so far.

Happy to see another place for film changes and the people who change them. Too cool! But that is just my opinion man. . .
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On behalf of the community,

"Welcome to fanres!" Big Grin
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Welcome aboard!

100 films? Wow! Curious to know titles, and what you did. For any one! Happy
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(2018-04-11, 12:31 PM)spoRv Wrote: Welcome aboard!

100 films? Wow! Curious to know titles, and what you did. For any one! Happy

Well, here is a list. It is not complete. All movies have at least 20 edits. The most so far was "The last Jedi". That one has over 340 edits! Luke needed a movie that gave him some respect man.

I do have change lists for most of em.

2010 The Year we make contact (re-edited to be like 2001, no voiceovers, different music)
A man called sarge
Adventures of ford fairlane
Aeon flux
Airplane and airplane 2
Alien resurrected
Alone in the dark
Annililator 1986 (tv pilot)
Babylon A.D
Ballistic Sever vs Ecks
Batman and Robin
Battlestar Galactica
Blade Runner
Blade Runner off world (Impostor fan edit)
Cop out
Deepstar six
English Johnny English
Event Horizon
G.I Joe
Galaxy of Terror
Generation ummm
Ghost in the shell
Ghost in the shell 1 and 2 combined
Ghostbusters 2
Ghosts of mars
Highlander 2
In the mouth of madness
Interstellar (made 2 films out of that one)
Last action hero
Johhny English rebourne
King Solomans mines
Lady in the Water
Leviathan 1989
Matrix reloaded and revolutions into one movie
Maximum Overdrive
Missing in Action
Moon 44
Red Planet
Return of the Jedi
Robocop 2
Saturn 3
Sledge hammer tv series (ep 1-5)
Slipstream 1989
Soldier 1998

Sphere 1998
Star Trek Discovery season one (not Star Trek!)

Star Trek Of gods and men
Star Trek Renegades (both episodes)
Star Trek Horizon
Star Trek Insurrection
Star Trek Nemisis
Star Trek V

Star Wars holiday special
Star Wars The last Jedi
Star Wars The phantom menace
Star Wars Attack of the Clones
Star Wars Revenge of the Sith
Star Wars The Force Awakens
Star Wars The last Jedi
Star Hunter tv series (ep 1-5)
Starship troopers invasion
Star ship troopers 2 and 3 into one flick

Stormtrooper Bladerunner (my own invention)
Terminator salvation
Terminator Genisys
The big bus
The black hole 1979
The chronicles of riddick
The clover field paradox
The keep 1983 (restored tv footage)
Top gear season 23 episode one
Top secret
Total Recall 1990
Total Recall 2012
Tron 2 legacy
Vampires 1998
Virus 1999
Waterloo 1970
Xfiles se 10 ep 1,2,3,4
xfiles I want to believe

I have done some edits that people have told me could NOT be done. Star Trek V and Ballistic 'eks vs sever' are some good examples.
I am working on around 8 or so movies that are not done and have not been released yet.  I just noticed that K,N,O,Q,U and Z are the only letters in the alphabet that are left where I do not have an edit. Like no edit I have done starts with K,N,O,Q,U and Z.

Time to get to work! lol.

I do have links for any of the edits if anyone is interested. I can provide any change lists or would love to chat about any edits!

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Good stuff.
There's a few in there Ive wanted to tackle, namely Ghost in the Shell (Remake) and Windtalkers.

Welcome to the forum good sir.
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(2018-04-11, 04:19 PM)CSchmidlapp Wrote: Good stuff.
There's a few in there Ive wanted to tackle, namely Ghost in the Shell (Remake) and Windtalkers.

Welcome to the forum good sir.

Doh! I make mistake. I have done that edit. Ghost in the Shell 2017. Changed a few things, made it more like the cartoon. Less over the top stuff.

Windtalkers was a good one.

I must say that with Windtalkers the structure had to be changed. The original movie was supposed to be about the native aspect. The native language being important and such.

The movie did not do it very well. Cage and his character took up most of the screen time. So while editing, the beginning native angle was mostly removed. This revealed the Cage character more. The movie was really about this Cage's character having ptsd and how he dealt with it during the war. Most scenes with the native character needed to be re shot. Too much of a tv movie feel kinda thing.

Most of the native scenes seemed to be dripping with a "lets go for the feels" atmosphere anyway.

So it basically starts with the native character but really it starts with Cage and ends with the native character. Friends from the savagery of war instead of friends from one being a windtalker.

The native aspect slips in the story because the 2 characters are forced to work together.

It seemed better that way.

Renamed it to "the code" as well.
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Welcome to the forum! That's quite an impressive list.
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