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[In progress] The M4TR1X - ASCII Animated in 4K
The oldest torrent still active, now shines of new life in 4K
Original project from: http://takeovertheworld.org/matrix/
More about on TorrentFreak: https://torrentfreak.com/the-matrix-asci...ld-131220/

When i discovered this piece of internet history I couldn't resist Big Grin
The first idea was to upscale the original with some good upscaling algoritm, but because the high compression of the source material it was quite impossible (hey, ascii art when animated behaves like random noise! who could imagine such thing?).
[Image: FCA4Fmy.png]
Filtered and Upscaled
[Image: gphV5jU.jpg]

So I changed my mind and decided to rebuild it from the ground up.

After testing various virtualdub and avisynth filters I think I found a good setup.

Here is a teaser, tell me what you think and what you want changed: I'm open to suggestions!

Password: THEM4TR1X

Next themed projects: The Complete Matrix trilogy in ASCII, The Matrix in ASCII Open Matte (why not?), The Matrix ASCII with theatrical 35mm colors
Which one you prefer to see first?
In italian asciugamano is the word for towel, so AsciugaMan is something like TowelMan, the superhero with the power of wipin' off the film distribution errors and bring back the original glory of cinema...

「projects and more at asciugaman.tumblr.com」

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Interesting project! Ok
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