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Blade Runner International Cut Regrade (Criterion Collection Laserdisc)
Thanks for the information captain. I think I follow yours and Servo's advice and put that footage back in.

If I recall the different footage for all the cuts came from a lot of different sources ranging from IPs all the way down to release prints. Wish they would of done a disc a cut but what are you going to do.

Hoping the sequel is good also. If there is ever a chance for it to be good, its with the people involved.

I'm going to split this thread of into its own thing.
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With Blade Runner having its 40th anniversary this year, I've been revisiting the movie in its many forms and cuts: UHD, BD, DVDs, LDs and this old project. While I still love those (probably) inaccurate Criterion colors on the LD, this project is now 7 years old is showing its age. It has a few minor problems including and most annoying, an inconsistent black level. I was originally going to update this project some years ago here:


with hundreds of small fixes but I sadly lost the files needed to complete the project. So I thought as an alternative, I'd try to quickly update this project with the techniques I've learned in the intervening years. So I overlaid the original project over the original IC BD and glued on roughly 30% of the original luma to even out the up-and-down levels of the original project. I then did some works with curves, contrast, etc to fix the black level and try to eliminate the flat look of the original. I then added a tiny bit of my CRT LUT, grain and upscaled the whole thing so I could test some 4K encoding and rendering. Not perfect but better then the original.

WIP Pics
[Image: ubPdV5e.jpg]
[Image: S4K33I9.jpg]
[Image: bckq8mR.jpg]
[Image: 0NuivyJ.jpg]
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40 years! Damn I'm getting old.

Look fantastic by the way.
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(2022-09-02, 01:10 AM)Hitcher Wrote: 40 years! Damn I'm getting old.

I hear ya
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Very impressive looking indeed! Congrats PDB!
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