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Hello fellow film fans,
I wanted to introduce myself as a new member and film lover who is incredibly happy to have found this website with all of these amazing (and important!) film preservation projects.
Quick Background, I first became aware of this great community when the very first Despecialized edition introduction video was released about 3 years ago.  Being a star wars fan I quickly sought out those projects and was blown away by both the finished project and really just the effort and craft that went into 'fixing' those original theatrical versions.  I soon discovered that there were more film projects and preservation's just like it and am very excited to continue to explore and support these efforts.
I was marginally active a few years ago on another website that I only recently discovered is no longer there (place that spelled 'the' like 'teh') checking out a handful of projects.

I am still a little green on where I can actually find these amazing projects that people are posting about here so any info about how that works would be much appreciated!
In particular I was a huge fan of original sporv "The Thing" release and I see that it has since been updated with a better source since i last checked it out.
That and I am very eager to check out any posting of the old Cameron movies that have been regraded/restored.  In particular 'Aliens' as I seem to think that's the worst offender when it comes to excessive tampering with the original colors.
....or in other words, I HATE TEAL!

anyway i'm rambling and could ramble about film all day but just wanted to say I am happy to have found you great people again and am very much looking forward to checking out more projects! (when i figure out where to find them : /)


: j
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Welcome in a "keep the teal&orange at a minimum level" forum! Smile
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(2018-09-03, 08:00 PM)thanks so much spoRv!! yea i literally thought i was taking crazy pills for a long time when new transfers were all coming out with excessive teal and orange until i found this online community which definitely restored at least some of my sanity. spoRv Wrote: Confused Welcome in a "keep the teal&orange at a minimum level" forum! Smile
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