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Sorry' it's been a while. While have been somewhat active over at BD.com, I've made my return to Fanres... Until something else major comes up.

Had so much shit hitting the fan back in Jan ranging from not being able to work for a few months due to water damage from bursting pipes at where I work, discovering personal health issues, tending to family members, my old PC's mobo and HD going and losing bits from a project I was working on, a POS at a plastic model club meet who scammed me out of nearly $1000 (won't go into the rest), I was literally at my mental limit with all this.

Now I have some of these things under control, and I have joined Blu-ray.com to provide insight and such since I have a little bit more time and sanity. However, while my new PC (Referb Lenovo ThinkCentre M82 Win 7, I5-3470 3.6ghz, 2Tb hard drive, 16gbs of ram but integrated Intel graphics for only $250) is much more powerful than the crap Celeron Acer Aspire desktop I previously had, the ThinkCentre isn't that strong for intensive editing, and I'm on a rather tight budget so I can't really afford to upgrade much and do big projects and all. On the other hand, I can assist with editing short bits and logo stuff if one needs such assistance  Wink
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It's good to have you back SpaceBlackKnight.
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Welcome back!
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