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Hello from France
Hi everybody,

I'm a movie fan from France. I write in english every day, although it's not my native language.

I found this forum googling info about KK650's "The Fellowship of the Ring" regrading. Google led me right to this topic : https://fanrestore.com/thread-2239.html

I am a big music / movies lover, with about 1000 CDs and about 700 movies.

90% of them have now been ripped to my file server with about 8 TB of storage. It's a long and painful process, but ultimately it's worth it.

I use foobar2000 as music manager AND also as video manager (work in progress).

I use MPC-HC and MPV as video players (VLC comes after).

I guess that's all for the moment Smile

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Welcome aboard - bienvenue! Smile
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