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Help with Unwanted Watermarks
Dunno if this is the proper place to be asking...

Is there any way to remove watermarks? I have a handful of copies of "Pink Floyd – The Wall", some with intermittent watermarks, some without. Of course, this issue would be a phantom of a less fortunate reality if the higher-quality copies were spared the persistent emblem, but here I am. What tools do I have at my disposal to do away with them?
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The best free tool is the delogo virtualdub filter. You can load it into avisynth like this:

LoadVirtualDubPlugin("C:\Program Files\VirtualDubMOD\plugins\delogo.vdf","delogo")

# ...

delogo(1, "analysis.bmp", "deblend.bmp", "alpha.bmp", "color.bmp", "repair.bmp", 15, 40, 0, 0)

But you still need to make the bitmaps in virtualdub/vitrualdubmod itself.
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