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Looking for a cheap TV
So since my beloved xbr960 is still out and my 955 has the fried hdmi I've been looking for a used plasma to be my main TV since I can't afford an OLED. The only trouble is that I can't find a good late Panasonic and when I do they go for several hundred dollars which could buy a brand new 4k tv like a TCl or I could save a bit more and get a small 4K TCL p series etc. with HDR.
My question is, would I be better off with a midgrade 4K set or a plasma? I know legacy stuff won't look so hot so I've got the 955 for that, but in terms of 720p and up can a midgrade 4k led do relatively well?

I was really hoping to find a plasma to match or surpass my xbr960 and I'm aware that plasmas still handle motion far better than even OLED can.

Of course I'd love to just go and get a refurbed Epson 1080p HT projector for now.
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I'd take in consideration FALD sets as well...
For plasma, only Pioneer Kuro and latest/high level Panasonic; for FALD, Sony, Panasonic, and few others...

Take a look at my thread here, it may be useful:
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