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Mac DVD ripper?
I'm looking for a decent Mac DVD Ripper. I've seen a bunch, but all seem to be 5min demo types.

I was looking at MacX DVD Ripper, but their purchase page shows an image of PayPal but when I went to fill in my details, they wanted credit card details and no PayPal option. It also says 24/7 support which I've emailed, but no reply to my PayPal question.

So, what Mac DVD rippers do you use?
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If you were Windows, DVDDecryptor still works wonders despite being an old program that had it's further development halted.

DVDFab, a Windows/Mac program (provided you can afford it or find a "free" one in the depths of the web), also works well for DVD and BDs. However, it's only caveat is the preview player being buggy if you do a lot of trimming and such with it's editor.
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VLC Media Player?
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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Just to wrap up this thread, I ended up purchasing MacX DVD Ripper Pro.

It was on offer, and I got a further discount using a coupon code.
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DVDFab HD Decryptor - free forever, cross platform.
[Image: sNn6jyF.png] [Image: 0sPZMBH.png]
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(2018-10-25, 05:42 AM)Valeyard Wrote: DVDFab HD Decryptor - free forever, cross platform.

I had a look at that one, but it didn't work out!

I downloaded it and it kept pushing "BUY NOW" pop ups. There is a link to "use HD Decryptor free" on one of the pop ups, but clicking on that link just takes you back to their download page, to download the exact same program I've just installed!!
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