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So here I am
Hi everyone.

I've just accidentally found this boards, during my search for information about some 35mm scans of Star wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark.
I've been interested in various forms of "tweaking" with movies for ten years. It started with my fanedit of Transformers Revenge of The Fallen:
with 80s style audio track.

and hybrid cut of fourth Rambo:

Then I've made some extended cuts of movies like Prometheus and X-Men The Last Stand using materials form Blu-rays, recreation of Lethal Weapon's Director'c Cut in HD, and some others. Also, I've been trying to improve the look of some movies which didn't look that good on blu-ray like:
- The Dark Knight
- The Amazing Spider-Man
- Terminator 2 (latest waxy remaster).

This place looks quite interesting Smile
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Welcome aboard the forum, I’m sure we’re all curious to see how your projects will turn out.
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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Witamy w FanRes! Happy
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