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Bill Hicks
Does anyone know if there is an HD version available of Bill Hicks' Revelations?
It's a stand up performance that I'm quite fond of and was hoping that it would make my archive.
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I'm pretty sure it was shot in SD.
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The problem with it being shot in SD, is that it looks like there's some grain, and there are a few pops/white specks on the footage.
It doesn't look like they're from a tape either.
The way that the footage moves looks like it was telecined, not like it was shot on tape.
There is a difference between the two, also there is a lighting quality that looks like it was shot on film and not on tape.
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Oh. Was always under the impression it was shot on video! Revelations is the one produced by channel 4 in the u.k?
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Pretty sure that’s the one.
It’s the one that opens with him as a cowboy.
How would I go about finding out if there is a film print?
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It would also be convenient to note, at that tome 16mm was the standard for television productions in the UK.
On top of that, there was an HD video format in development in the 90s, I doubt it made it’s way out of a lab or VFX houses at that time, but it did exist.
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Yes I bet you are right, Im from the u.k and worked in the TV industry in the early 2000's. The first show I worked on as a 'runner' was shot on 16mm.
I just assumed this was shot on SD video.
It was most likely edited on video like the show I worked on, but I'm unsure if there was a cut and assemble done on the OCN?
Ive certainly not come across a HD version of 'Revelations' like your original question, but Ive never looked to be honest.
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My guess is that it was edited on a video toaster, my other bet is that the negatives got tossed after the video was made.
That being said, I really hope it wasn't.
How would I go about finding such a negative should it exist?
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