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[Idea] wisest use of a slow USB memory
Few days ago I bought a big USB memory (64GB, Kingston) at a great price (6€); was pretty sure that, for that price, it would be surely slow, but hey, it was an USB3, so it *can't* be so slow... well, indeed it WAS SO SLOW, even worst than what I thought... reading max speed is about 20MBPS, while writing max speed is a ridiculous 5MPBS! Eek

Still useful for small files, but dreadful to move big files... so, what could be used for?

Well, download speed is around few MBPS, so I thought to use it as download "cache" - indeed, my download speed is just around 5MBPS (a coincidence?!?); put the files on it, instead let an external HDD connected the whole night - that will consume more, and wear quite a bit; you could always play the files from there, and, if the bitrate is higher than USB memory speed, then copy the files on the HDD when needed. Sure, 64GB is not that big, yet is not that small as well, so if it happens you have a decent size slow USB memory hanging around because it's slooow, this could be a useful tip (I hope)!
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Yeah it's quite the marketing trick. USB 3.0 my ash lol. These things are like bicycles on a highway. Yes, it's on a highway, but that doesn't mean it's fast. Big Grin
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If you have a car radio with USB, it might be more convenient to dump music onto it instead of using bluetooth/AUX
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I have one of these slow but large usb sticks as well. I've partitioned it so that I have a bootable linux distro on one partition.

On the second partition I have:
Portable apps
All of my firmware updates in case I need to reflash the bios on one of my pc's.
A text file containing all software keys I might need to remember.
Pfsense backup files (very useful to have)
Backup of Avisynth plugins
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