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my last cheap Blu-ray founds
Tired to pay a lot of €€€ for Blu-rays in shops or online, decided long ago to get them only when they are really cheap... so, on these last two Sundays I went on two different fairs, and found some nice titles at good prices IMHO...

Bourne – 5 films collection 5BD new 9€
Chronicle – Extended Cut BD used 4€
District 9 + Elysium + Chappie 3BD new 5€
Edge Of Tomorrow BD used 3€
Geostorm BD used 3€
Men In Black 3 3D BD used 3€
Purge, The – Collection 3BD new 7€
Real Steel BD ex rental 2€
Rogue One – A Star Wars Story 3D BD + 2BD new 9€
Solomon Kane BD ex rental 2€
Star Trek Beyond BD used 3€
Star Wars: The Force Awakens 3D BD + 2BD new 9€
Taken – Trilogy 3BD new 7€
Terminator Genisys BD used 3€
X-Men: Days of Future Past (theatrical + The Rogue cut) 2BD new 5€

next Sunday, probably I'll go to a third fair... maybe it's time to list all my movies in BD, so I could avoid to buy some double ones! Big Grin
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Oh yeah, I love ditching through second hand movie offers.
Not just to get well known movies, but there always chances that someone sells something rare, oop or interesting.
Like I got the old German VCL FSK18 DVD of "Terminator" for 5 Euro some years ago (when it was not able to be found on ebay for lesser than 50 Euro).

In Germany we call it "Trödelmarkt" oder "Flohmarkt". (english: "flea market").
Sadly these are lesser used by private persons to sell stuff. So much professional sellers with more new stuff, then used.
There sometimes fairs, but they are more specific, and more seldom than flea markets. And, at least here, they more have limited, hard to get, expensive movies on the fairs I visited.
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom
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If someone thinks there are some rare/special titles released in DVD or BD in the Italian market, just post here... maybe I will be lucky next time!
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