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Hi everyone
Big Grin 
Hello, my name is Morfx, i have 27 and im from Argentina. Registered a couple of months ago, but i recently recovered my internet connection. 
Found this forum looking for the origin of some screenshots of Alien Regraded color. And stayed because of the fascinating world of fan edits and restoration. As you can read my english is not that good but il try my best and keep learning Big Grin 
Hope i can contribute with something if i have the chance (although you guys are the experts here) and also learn from all of you.
Please be nice with me hehe Cool
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Welcome. Smile
Thanks given by: Morfx
Hello there, and welcome!
Also known as Roobyoo
Thanks given by: Morfx
Welcome, and, don't worry... we are always nice - well, usually! Happy
Thanks given by: Morfx

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