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Hi there!
Hello everyone!!!

I'd like to present myself as a complete movie aficionado , like most here I guess, and I could say a purist as well: very much interested in Theatrical Cuts, Original Color Timing and Original Mixes.

I've just found out about this forum a couple days ago through a user at blu-ray.com, and I'm just hooked!

I've been long time movie collector (almost 3 decades now), fan and avid reader of film, audio and home theater foruns.

Among those, I was a member and contributor (mostly financial, as I lack the skills and hardware to perform the magic some of the guys here can  Big Grin   ) to some projects at OT.com, but along the last 5 years life caught up with me in a way that I had to distance myself from it all for a while.

Thankfully, I'm back now, full throttle and totally into 4K UHD!!!

With 4k UHD I guess we can finally say we're close achieving archival quality for movies at home (what an age to be a collector!!!).


So good to see you're an admin here!

I hope you can remember me as we used to be sort of 'e-mail buddies' about some 4 or 5 years ago before I had to distance myself from this hobbie.

We were then invested in securing LDs for audio preservation and sync with Blu-ray. We got quite a few through a buddie in japan (I think he's here now, but with a different nickname).

From what I've read so far, I've also seen quite a few familiar names like spoRV, BusterD, Jonno, PDB, jerryshadoe and many others. I've very glad to know you're all still hanging around!

Well, it's great to be here and I wish to contribute!
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Welcome aboard!
Thanks given by: BDgeek
Hello BDGeek. Welcome sir.
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Hey BDgeek, I also remember you name from over on the OT. Welcome to Fanres!
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Welcome to fanres BDgeek. Your gonna have to refresh my memory here. Not that i don't doubt we emailed but that was quite awhile ago so the memory fades. Rolleyes

Film Addict    
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Thanks a lot guys!!! It's really great to be here!!!

I already got up to speed in a lot of theards and I see work is flourishing!!!

Back then when I had to take some time off, I had a feeling custom film preservation and restoration was just starting out and it had a long way to go.

BTW, I also go by AlexBC in some foruns, like blu-ray.com.

ps: Doombot, I'll shoot you a PM later to try to catch up Wink

Since you kept yourself pretty active and it's been a long time I'm away, I assumed you wouldn't quite remember that.
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Ok now i know! It wad the AlexBC that did it. Wink looked up old emails. That was in 2014 so yep it's been some time.

Film Addict    
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Yeah, that was it, 2014 / early 2015!
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