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[In progress] Eastern Condors recolour
Hi all,

Been a while. Purchased a new PC as my old one was in the process of dying, couldn't use many of my favoured programs for a while. I don't yet have a blu-ray drive in this PC (I'll fix that ASAP) but started working on a simple recolour/correction of the 2k remaster of Eastern Condors (1987) as released by Eureka.

It's a great release in terms of specifications. Visually, the print quality is good but a little dark and heavily blue filtered. To the point where night scenes look like this:

[Image: AA80-C180-73-C4-42-B7-B942-2-A259-BFA22-D8.png]
I hopefully won't need to do much to fix it up, and I'll have progress screenshots incoming soon.
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Ah my fav Sammo film. Good luck with it!
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(2020-02-25, 03:58 PM)PDB Wrote: Ah my fav Sammo film. Good luck with it!
Thanks, PDB. It's up there for me too.

The German DVD (perhaps representative of all releases using theĀ Fortune Star remaster) has great colours but IMO is a touch too bright, so ideally I'd be trying to strike a balance between the look of the 2k remaster and that of the Fortune Star remaster. Unless anyone knows of a release with better colours?

Here's an attempt (it's easy to use this particular scene for reference as the blue filter can be seen rather plainly):

[Image: correction-01.jpg]
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Will be ready to go in a couple of days! I've been working a lot so haven't really had the time to slow down and do an encode, but I'll get there hopefully by the end of the week.
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This one is on hold. I managed to do an encode, but noticed some odd flickering in one of the scenes. I need to rip the original video again, but my current PC doesn't have a blu-ray drive so I'll need to get one before I can rip it.
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We're back on, and almost ready to go.

As stated in the OP, I'm pretty happy with the audio options included on the retail BD but does anyone have/know of any tracks that they'd like to be included?

[Image: Mu3VE6N.jpg]

[Image: pskdcbh.jpg]
[Image: kMDfKUA.jpg]
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