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The Orville
Looking for a sci-fi series, I stumbled upon "The Orville". I remembered that it was a kind of Star Trek spoof, so I put it apart at the time, but I wanted to give it a chance this time.

And, well, it was great! It has all the good things Star Trek has, plus some comic relief and "normal" things we always asked ourselves (or, at least I did) like "does anyone go to the bathroom?" or "do they have sex usually, apart in very rare episodes?"

The comedy parts were very well dosed, and serious topics were threated in the right manner - a-la Star Trek. Quite some actors from the former show appeared as guest starts, plus famous stars like Charlize Theron, Rob Lowe, Liam Neeson.

SFX were mostly great, apart in very rare cases; acting was very good, music was right, stories mostly original.

A pretty perfect show that every sci-fi lovers must watch!

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absolutely love this show! just a shame that it's only being released on DVD. to get the HD versions I need to but it digitally.
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I love the Orville, reminds me of TNG times Smile
Unfortunately, FOX has decided not to further release TV Shows on BD, it seems sales are not up to expectations and they claim production costs to be high - people seem to watch it on streaming services (so Fox says)... Personally, I think there is a market with the video-enthusiasts, who just want to own a physical copy...
Sadly, this will simply turn many people to ... well... not sure how this topic is dealt with here in this forum... you guys probably knwo where I am heading Smile

A nice review of the DVD release is this one in my oppinion:


we could go for "AI upscaling", but we also could... you know Smile
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Well, I can understand that Blu-ray market is smaller than DVD one, but they can't say that releasing it on BD will cost more than a DVD release; I guess they could release in BD-50 using two or even one disc, with smaller package, hence spending even less in production costs...
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The claim is that BD production costs more - I can´t comment on this.. I remember visiting a production facility back in the DVD days (when I was writing for some homecinema mags, back when this was a thing...) where the differences in prduction effort and therefore costs between CD and DVD were quite huge, so it could be possible that the production of the BD discs (and maybe the mastering) really cost more - but I don´t know, I left this business a while ago..
I guess it´s an overal impression of Fox that they don´t see money in this market - maybe enough people are buying DVDs - so no need? Or nobody buys them because they wait for the BD, so Fox thinks: "no interest, nothing to gain, let´s go for the cheap and simple online-route... Also, marketing and analysis say that streaming is the future. We pay them (poll makers and market experts) a lot, they must be right, so let´s do this (stream)"... ??
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The market is madness now.
Ever since Sony won the HD Home Video format war things have gone haywire.
Maybe the decision to drop BD on TV series is the money they put into Sony's pockets?
From what I understand, Sony get money from even the authoring stage if you want to carry that Blu-ray logo.
Looking at even the pro-consumer market for BD authoring, it's patchy, Adobe dropping Encore support spoke volumes.
This was always going to be the problem with the (major) competition owning the patent on a delivery system.
They blame piracy but it's not the whole story.

'Digital' releases are what the studio's want, and they all want to own all access to it.
Goodbye to middle men streaming services, Hello to subscriptions to multiple Studio's like Disney +
I hope Physical releases stay around, but they will become increasingly poor.
Boutique labels are struggling due to the price of licensing a title, and more often than not contractually obligated to not touch the supplied master.
Sad times.

Ive not seen The Orville, but I will not be watching it on DVD!
I'm not a fan of giving in to the streaming agenda either!
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I wonder if this might have gone down a different road with HD-DVD...
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(2020-05-13, 03:20 PM)Sabbelbacke Wrote: I wonder if this might have gone down a different road with HD-DVD...

Same here.

I was working in post production at the time, thus had much more contact with production houses and all I talked to on the matter wanted HD-DVD to win.
One engineer told me, from an in-house production point of view it would be a minor adjustment to there process, where as blu-ray was not.
It was also him that told me about the Sony stuff and pretty much predicted how difficult it would be or low budget company's like themselves to compete with the big boys. He was right.

Sorry for the slight derail but this is actually the first I had heard about Fox (Disney!!!) no longer releasing TV Shows on Bluray.
It also has just dawned on me that Disney now own Firefly!
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Firefly, too? Oh boy - not long and we can compile lists of what doesn`t belong to Disney... Easier than listing what they own..
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(2020-05-14, 12:10 PM)Sabbelbacke Wrote: Firefly, too? Oh boy - not long and we can compile lists of what doesn`t belong to Disney... Easier than listing what they own..


To true.
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