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Just wanted to say a quick hello and thank admin for accepting me ... I guess with my username it's easiest to just call me GA Smile 

I am entirely new to the world of fan restorations and edits so have never tried anything like this myself. I am really interested in how the process works but, as a cinephile, fascinated by what is "out there".

I'm a huge horror fan, I used to collect VHS copies of the DPP "Banned List" from the UK, how I wish I had kept those tapes nowadays to digitize! I also used to collect laserdiscs and have a couple of nice ones remaining (Blade Runner Criterion, Twelve Monkeys Criterion, Exorcist Japanese Release - signed by Linda Blair!).

I was researching and desperately trying to seek out a decent transfer of The Keep which I know people have edited from HDTV/laserdisc with limited results but still fascinated to see it again!

Anyway ... that's me ... hoping I can find a way to contribute even if it's just with obscure movie knowledge!
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