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Hello everyone
Hi,i am WATCHMEN-NEO and i am from China so forgive my bad english.

Well,to talk a little about myself,i like watching movies,i've had my days of collecting dvds mostly for the pretty&creative cover design and bonus discs,since most blurays are cheap-looking blue boxes i quit this hobby many years ago. I am not a hard core cinephile since i only found out the concept of “Open Matte”some days ago wicth made me very excited,it was like finding a new treatureland.

I found this forum in the process of finding more info about OM films and i feel this is a wonderful place to learn and communicate,and i am very glad to stay and become a mumber of this community. I dont know much about technical detail but if anyone need my help for a project i will be happy to provide.

Anyway nice meeting you all.
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Welcome aboard!
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Welcome to Fanres!
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