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Hey everybody
Hey guys.
I just wanted to introduce myself. I've been contributing over at TheStarwarstrilogy.com for a while and more or less lurking over at OT. I've done exactly one fan edit, a feature length Mandalorian based on the first three episodes from season 1 where I had to create a couple of shots from scratch to fix cuts. 

I've also done a "special edition" Blu Ray of the Holiday Special and the HBO film Cast A Deadly Spell. All of these are over at Starwarstrilogy. 

I also do cover artwork as well for releases and make them for my stuff. These are also on SWT. 

Anyhoo. I'm always excited to see new stuff and releases that you can't get anywhere else so hopefully this will be fun.
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Welcome, it will be fun for sure! Ok
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Hello and welcome!

Iceland is a beautiful country btw.
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