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AviSynth anaglyph 3D to left/right or top/bottom
I was curious to know if there was a way to convert anaglyph 3D to left/right or top/bottom - after that, converting to MVC should be easy, I guess... Wink

Found an avisynth script here:

If someone have already used - or will use it in the future - I'd like to watch some samples!

P.S. the script deals only with red/cyan and green/magenta anaglyphs, so it would be nice to add amber/blue version!
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I used to watch loads of OU/SBS MKVs, I always preferred OU as the full horizontal resolution was better for depth.

I would imagine any script that could successfully filter the image to create 2 discrete channels would be sufficient, I imagine B&W would work best
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