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Hey everybody!
I'm in the editing business, working for a major software manufacturer. I got interested in the 4k77 restoration, and found my way here after I realised the issues with the Exorcist BluRay. 

Looking forward to helping how I can, and checking out some of your fine work.

I don't know if this is breaking a fight club rule, apologies if so - 
There doesn't seem to be anything in the rules and etiquette about accessing member's projects in general, is it common practice to send a pm to the restorer themselves?


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Albeit not forbidden, it would be polite to stay for a while first, partecipating in some threads or even start a new one!
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I'm new here too, I'm sure you'll have a great time. The guys seem to have a really good thing going here. Links aside, I've been enjoying just reading about all this stuff. It helps that everyone I've seen so far is really nice. 

Hope you're doing good, and enjoying yourself!
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